Co-leash continues to bring you the most innovative products on the market. And now we lead the pack with the new Kryptaglow Body Harness. (Patent Pending) 1. Multi-Functional Body Harness and Seatbelt Stay. Glows in the dark and is Reflective to Headlights. 2. When used in the vehicle will secure your pet from ejection from your vehicle. 3. Can be used as a Pulling Harness for sleds, wagons, rollerblades, biking

The Kryptaglow Co-leash glow in the dark dog collar is the best of all. It has 4 features in one product. It’s a collar and leash, and, It features the ability to reflect car headlights, or any light and it GLOWS in the Dark too. What’s even better? Its not an ELECTRIC COLLAR, that means it doesn’t have a battery, so you can wash the coleash in the machine, and