Coleash Dog Collar


Welcome to the home of the Co-Leash Dog Collars. The dog collar and leash combined that’s always on the dog when you need it. The Coleash features a short control leash which neatly wraps around the collar and attaches with … Continue reading

Coleash Dog Harness

Coleash Harness Dog on Dock

Co-leash continues to bring you the most innovative products on the market. And now we lead the pack with the new Kryptaglow Body Harness. (Patent Pending) 1. Multi-Functional Body Harness and Seatbelt Stay. Glows in the dark and is Reflective … Continue reading

Sports Training With Co-Leash Dog Training Collar

Atlantic City Agility Group

The Coleash has been chosen and used by agility and fly ball groups everywhere. Pictured here is the Atlantic City Agility Group. Send us your pics using Co-Leash or our products for posting here. Fly Ball – And Agility Training With Co-Leash … Continue reading

Favorite Glow In The Dark Dog Collar: Coleash Kryptaglow


The Kryptaglow Co-leash glow in the dark dog collar is the best of all. It has 4 features in one product. It’s a collar and leash, and, It features the ability to reflect car headlights, or any light and it GLOWS in the Dark too. What’s even better? Its not an ELECTRIC COLLAR, that means it doesn’t have a battery, so you can wash the coleash in the machine, and its safe for your dog to swim with at the beach, or even in the snow. Most products on the web that claim they glow use a battery to do it, – not coleash.

Keep Your Dog Safe With The Glow In The Dark Dog Collar

The Kryptaglow glow in the dark dog collar will charge over and over for years with normal light and is the best product for seeing your dog in the bed room or dark hallway at night so you don’t trip on him, benefiting both of you.

Even the law states your dog should have a leash at all times, How can we do that? That’s the reasoning that inspired the Coleash. Also with 2 dogs at once it makes it much easier to control them both when the are wearing their leashes already with their collars.

The Co-Leash is also great for elderly dogs who need a little guidance now and then to get around obstacles. The neatly tucked leash makes it easy grab its handle and guide you pet through any situation or weather conditions and increases your pets safety at the same time.

Even The US Armed Forces Use The Glow In The Dark Dog Collar

The coleash has been selected for use by the armed forces for their K-9’s. The Krytaglow BODY HARNESS features the same smart design found in all Co-Leash products and has been used by SEARCH AND RESCUE Dogs across the nation in conjunction with the Co-leash. Can’t get better than that!

Also Available For Cats

We make GLOWING CAT COLLARS TOO. They feature Breakaway Safety Buckles for safety as well. Our number one concern.

Co-Leash: Leaders In Pet Safety & Innovation

Try our products today and see why Co-Leash company leads the industry in innovative products for your pets. Were sure the co-leash and coleash products will make your life with your pet a little easier and your pet a little safer. Well save you money by incorporating more than one function in every product and they last a long time too.