• for dogs on the go
  • keep your dog safe
  • visible day or night
  • indoors & outdoors
  • in car & on your boat
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Co-leash: The Leash & Collar Combined

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co-leash system




glows in the dark

2 in 1 coleash

Learn more about the incredible versatility of the Co-leash system combining leash and collar to keep your dog safe under all circumstances >>

The brand new Angel Line of leashes, harnesses and collars. Each item has a reflecting angel motif, glows in the dark at night and has a custom metal angel attached.

Seeing Is Believing

All our products including leashes, harnesses and collars guard your pet’s safety a little extra at night! Each has been treated with a patented glow in the dark pet friendly formula.

Collar & Leash Combined

In Car Safety

On The Go

Glows In The Dark

See more of the Co-Leash Collar and Leash combined
in action in this series of instructional videos >>